Movaluate Second-Hand Device Market Report [October 2012]

Hey guys, we’re pleased to announce our first publication of Movaluate’s Second-Hand Device Market Report.

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Movaluate is a service that facilitates the exchange of used mobile devices on the second-hand market by giving buyers and sellers an accurate pricing guide for their devices. In addition to our individual price reports, Movaluate will provide a monthly analysis of the second-hand device market to help users better understand the used smartphone climate.

This report will henceforth be published monthly and will provide insight on:

Second-hand device market trends
• Bestselling used devices
• Largest price gains/losses
• Other key metrics

Key players in the second-hand market
• Sales volume trends
• Price fluctuation analysis

Some of the key data points from October’s report:

1. During the period lasting from September 24th to October 23th, we analyzed data from over 144,650 transactions made on 243 of the most popular models being bought and sold in the U.S.

2. Apple products (iPhone 4, 4S5, iPads 1, 2, 3) account for a majority of sales with 57% of sales volume. Android logs 35% while Blackberry and Windows Phone account for 6% and 2% of sales respectively.

3. The most popular Android device being sold during the October was HTC’s EVO 4G (Sprint). The iPhone 4 16GB for AT&T was the bestselling iOS device.

4. The device that depreciated the most during October was the Sony XPERIA X10A,  which saw its average sale price drop by 20% over the month.

5. The device that appreciated the most during the week of October was Apple’s iPhone 4S 16GB, which saw its average sale price increase by 4%.

6. After Apple announced and released the iPhone 5, there was a significant drop in the price of the iPhone 4 and 4S, which is now slowly recovering.

Download your copy for free:

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