Movaluate’s Second-Hand Device Market Report [November 2012]

Black Friday has passed and the holiday shopping surge continues. How have sales on the second-hand market fared? Read on and download Movaluate’s November Market Report to find out!

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During November the used smartphone market was inundated with iPhone 4s and 4s’s from users presumably hopping onto the iPhone 5 bandwagon. The iPhone 5 release also marked the launch of a number of different Apple products including the iPad Mini and 4th gen iPad, spiking the resale of older devices and resulting in Apple’s market share increasing from 39% to 56% since October.

Some of the key data points from November’s report:

  • Over 120,000 transactions were completed on nearly 300 of the most popular Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.
  • Once again, Apple hardware stood atop the sales leaderboards accounting for 56% of all devices sold. Android devices accounted for 37% of sales, while Blackberry and Windows Phone devices claimed the final 7% of device sales.
  • Retaining their titles as the most popular devices sold for Android and iOS are the HTC EVO 4G and Apple iPhone 4 16GB.
  • The device with the single greatest drop in average sale price was LG’s Enlighten, an Android QWERTY slider which depreciated in value by 30%
  • The device with the greatest increase in average price was Sprint’s iPhone 4S 64GB in black, which appreciated in value by 6.9%.
  • Apple’s 2nd and 3rd gen iPad were absent from October’s top depreciator list, however with the announcement of the 4th gen iPad (which features an updated SoC and lightning port), 3 variants made the top 30 list.

In addition to LG’s Enlighten dropping in average price by 30%, 3 more QWERTY slider phones joined the Enlighten to round out the top depreciators. As on-screen keyboards get larger and more accurate, we suspect that this form factor may soon go extinct. However, if you are in the market to get a phone with a physical keyboard, now is the time!

Download Movaluate’s November Market Report for free:

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Movaluate is a service that facilitates the exchange of used mobile devices on the second-hand market by giving buyers and sellers an accurate pricing guide for their devices. In addition to our individual price reports, Movaluate provides a monthly analysis of the second-hand device market to help users better understand the used smartphone climate.

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