Movaluate’s Holiday Unboxing

Good news everybody! We just got our marble white, cardboard box review units. They came packaged in a brown box with state of the art brown paper padding: movalaute free nfc tags have arrived

These 9 x 4 x 2 inch white boxes are excellent vessels for shipping all sorts of different goodies like… what could be in this box

NFC TAGS!nfc tags

We know you guys have been patiently waiting for the better part of a month now to receive these tags, but we’ve finally got all the goods to ship them out! These new NFC-QR tags are now directly printed with our QR code (used to be a sticker), so they are extra thin and look even better:movaluate free nfc qr tag

Once we get these guys attached to the updated postcard (pics will be uploaded soon), they’ll be on their way to your doorstep! If you haven’t received a confirmation email, your mailing address is still under review (doesn’t mean it was wrong, just being formatted manually on our side). This is our first physical mailing (and of this size) so please bear with us! Stay tuned to our Facebook for more updates!

p.s. Some of you guys gave us invalid (or improperly formatted addresses) and we’ll be contacting you for your updated info.

  • Scott Lindsey


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