Movaluate 7: Who We Are and What We Do

What’ve we been up to?

Value has been the lifeblood of Movaluate since its inception in 2012. If you have used or are interested in Movaluate, chances are that you too are interested in value as well. When we launched Movaluate, our goal was to help users maximize the value of their devices. With the fair market value of over 400 devices at hand, we gave buyers and sellers the information necessary to make a confident and equitable transaction. As the sales transaction data began to stack up, one thing became clear: we could maximize our user’s value even more.

What decreases your device’s value?

The largest decrease in sales price was from damaged displays—cracked, chipped, shattered and more. Repairs typically cost around $150 plus labor, representing a large portion of the device’s value and thus resulting in a significantly reduced selling price. We knew that preventing this type of catastrophic damage was relatively easy, affordable and had no impact on the device usage—if anything, it improved usability. Our experience with mobile devices had led to a deep research of the screen protector market, one that started even before Movaluate itself.

How we found a solution

We witnessed the evolution of screen protectors from cheap sheets of PET film that required users to cut out an appropriate shape, to what we believe to be the pinnacle of screen protector engineering today—tempered glass screen protectors. These screen protectors fit like a glove, are hardly noticeable and feel even better than the stock displays due to their specially formulated oleophobic coatings.

Others took notice of this technology and the glass screen protector market exploded with competitors, offering either chip/crack prone, cheaply manufactured knockoffs with laughable customer support, or premium products with a premium price tag. We didn’t want our users (and their wallets) to have to suffer through this same experience while trying to find protection for their device. We believe that maximizing value should be easy, and that’s why we created Movaluate 7.

This is what’s next:



Movaluate 7 Glass- the best feeling protection

We experimented with a plethora of different screen protectors and when we found the best one, we went straight to the manufacturer to the best price for our valued customers. With Movaluate 7, our mission is to offer premium quality tempered glass screen protectors and customer service, at reasonable prices. We are confident that our screen protectors will deliver top notch protection and impeccably smooth display feel.

Movaluate 7, screen protection evolved.

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