Movaluate 7 Official Launch Event: Buy one, get $10 to use at Amazon!

This is a special broadcast to all of our awesome Movaluate fans! To celebrate the launch of our Movaluate 7 line of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, we will be offering $10 gift cards to any fans who purchase protection for their iPhone 5s/5c/5, Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 3 by May 2nd!


Getting your $10 Amazon reward is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. 1. Purchase your Movaluate 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector from our official Amazon Shop:
  2. 2. Message us on Facebook with your order number (
  3. 3. We will message you back with your $10 Amazon Gift Card code once your order ships!

Yes, it really is that easy to get $10 and the best feeling, glass screen protector on the market! This is a limited time offer that expires on May 3rd or while supplies last!

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