How Do Movaluate 7 Glass Screen Protectors Work?

How do Movaluate 7 Glass Screen Protectors Work? Well, simply put, they add an extra layer of glass to your device displays. But the real question is, why do they work so effectively? To answer that, let’s look at the mechanics of glass smartphone displays.


Glass is great for smartphone displays because it is optically accurate, scratch resistant, and optimally textured for extended use. Unfortunately it is very brittle and susceptible to all sorts of damage.

hairline scratch

There are two types of protection every owner needs: daily wear-and-tear and impact protection. As the smartphone travels from purse, to pocket, to hand, to table and so on, it encounters multiple opportunities to receive damage. Anything from the edge of a countertop to a grain of sand in the pocket can create the beginning of the end. Scratches and chips can propagate into cracks, which will require screen replacement.

Even if you happen to be extra careful (or lucky), one bad exchange from pocket to hand, or the dreaded “forgot in lap while driving,” can lead to an instant and catastrophic end to your display’s life.


So how do we nullify the effects daily wear-and-tear? Not surprisingly, smartphone manufacturers have already done us a big favor by using the best type of glass available for this application—chemically strengthened tempered glass.

breokn screen proector

Although the display is inherently quite strong in this aspect, it is still weak in the impact protection department, which is why we use plastic films to aid in shock absorption. The issue with this solution is that it counteracts two of the main reasons manufacturers used glass in the first place: optimized optical clarity and touch response.

Movaluate 7 Glass Screen Protectors are able to match clarity, smoothness, and damage resistance of the stock glass panel, while offering impact protection surpassing any plastic film.


Movaluate 7’s Glass Screen protectors inherently offer excellent protection through redundancy, but the science of this protection is more than skin deep:

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 9.44.46 AM

The glass used in Movaluate 7 Screen Protectors undergoes an ion-exchange process, which is a chemical strengthening process where sheets of glass are dipped into a molten potassium salt bath, causing the smaller sodium ions to leave the glass and be replaced with the large potassium ions. As the glass cools, these larger ions are more tightly packed together, creating a layer of compressive stress deep into the glass.

This deep compressive layer is very resistant to damage and when combined with the inner-tension, prevents scratches from propagating into cracks.


Movaluate 7 Glass Protectors can give you peace of mind like no other protector can. It possesses all of the benefits of the stock display, none of the downsides of plastic films, and only costs a fraction of the price of screen replacement. So whether you have an iPhone 5SGalaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 3, head over to the store and get the highest quality protection for your device now!

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