Why You MUST Use a Case on the Galaxy Note II and S III

While we stand behind our products completely, we cannot attest to the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III displays:


Although the Movaluate 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector survived this drop without damage, the underlying display itself was shattered by the impact. Due to the sloping and rounded edges of the Note 2’s display, glass screen protectors could not offer bezel-to-bezel coverage. This leaves the edges (particularly the corners) susceptible to damage:


As you can see in the image above, the cracks are underneath the glass screen protector. This type of catastrophic display failure can be prevented quite easily with any type of case which offers a slight, wrap-around lip for the device’s bezel.

Luckily for us, Samsung has parted with the “Nature UX” design language which resulted in such design failure. Now our Movaluate 7 Screen Protectors offer complete, bezel-to-bezel protection from scratches, chips and impacts. Take 20% off your Movaluate Shop order now with coupon code SUMMER20.

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