Used Smartphone Detection Tag (NFC+QR)

See how much your phone is worth today! For example: Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue - Verizon

To help promote the sale and proper recycling of our used devices, Movaluate will be giving away NFC/QR code tags that can be used to instantly find the value of your device. These little tags are embedded with technology that will give you instant access to your device’s price report. To get your own Movaluate NFC/QR code tag, follow these simple steps! Read More...

UPDATE: Due to overwhemling requests and our limited supplies of NFC tags, we are now suspending our free NFC tags giveaway for now.

Don't be too bummed out if you haven't gotten yours yet. We will have another giveaway in the future very soon. Thanks everyone for participating.

For questions, please email us.