Movaluate’s Free NFC Tag Giveaway

Here at Movaluate we are always looking for ways to bring new life to old devices that would otherwise go to waste. In the quest for resurrecting unused phones, we developed a new tool that can provide instant appraisals of smartphones and tablets, making it easy to decide whether or not you want to buy or sell a device.

Our latest creation is a fusion of two technologies that allow just about any smartphone to instantly generate a price report for itself. Using Near Field Communication (NFC) and Quick Response (QR) codes, your NFC and/or camera enabled smart device can interact with our tags, which will auto-detect and generate a real-time price report for your device.

Movaluate NFC-QR Tag Giveaway Event on Vimeo.

Starting today you can get your very own Movaluate NFC/QR Tag for free by signing up on our event page-just let us know where to ship it and you’ll be the proud new owner of Movaluate NFC/QR Code Tag.

P.S. For the tinkerers out there, the embedded 1K NFC tags are reprogammable, so feel free to play with them!

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