Which Sub-10 Inch Tablet is the Best Bang for your Buck

Does the word Honeycomb ring a bell? It was Google’s first step in propping up the 10 inch tablet market in which Android was getting ready to compete with the uncontested king of the hill, the iPad. The 10 inchers had a rough start with their nascent app markets and unremarkable performance.

q2 2010 tablet marketshare movaluate

SA - Global Tablet Vendor Market Share: Q3 2010

Although worldwide tablet purchases increased 300% year over year in the second quarter of 2011 (up to 13.6 million units), Android saw its market share drop from 34% down to 26.8%. This however, relative to Q2 of 2010 (shown above) where Android accounted for a meager 2.9% of tablet sales, was still promising progress.

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Movaluate’s Second-Hand Device Market Report [December 2012]

December saw a huge surge in Holiday sales, with new phones rising to the top and a not so surprising bunch falling to the bottom. Take a look at our December Market Report to see all the stats.

movaluate decemeber market report

While there are many familiar faces atop the sales leaderboards, there were a number of surprises and interesting trends. Check out the details in our full, free report:

[wpdm_file id=3]

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Now you can Embed Movaluate’s Price Report in your Craigslist and eBay Listings

Ever wished you could easily insert Movaluate’s fair market price into your Craigslist or eBay listing? Well now you can with our new embed feature:

movaluate embed2

If you look below your device’s image, you will find a shiny green “embed” button. Clicking this will drop down a box with the embed HTML code, which you can copy and paste into any listing editor that accepts HTML.

Quickly and easily add a touch of clean professionalism and authority to any device listing by adding our price report badge which gives potential buyers a quick look at the phone itself, its name, the fair-market value as well as the condition and date the report was generated. Users can click the badge to navigate to Movaluate’s complete price report including average price history. .

Let us know if you have any questions about how to use this new feature, or if you have any comments about Movaluate. We’re always eager to hear your guys’ feedback! Happy Holidays!

Why You Should Buy Nexus

At this point in time, the question should actually be “Why you should have bought Nexus.” If the popularity of Google’s 4th Nexus device is any indication, expect next year’s device to  do even better.
nexus 4 sold out where to buy now
Traditionally, Google’s Nexus devices have been favorites of developers and Android enthusiasts because of their unlocked bootloaders, stock Android experience, and software update priority… oh and the fact they’re unlocked so they will work on any GSM network.

There is one more benefit that typically doesn’t get listed about Nexus devices-one that some would argue is the most important of all: resale value.

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What is Your Samsung Galaxy S III Worth? Depends on the Carrier.

Samsung’s Galaxy lineup of smartphones has been a seminal figure in progressing Android hardware development, and has seen its worldwide popularity soar. Although the house of Galaxy has always been a powerful force to contend with, it suffers from fragmentation of the carrier variety. And you know what they say: “A house divided against itself cannot stand… [to have uniform pricing].”

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Movaluate’s Free NFC Tag Giveaway

Here at Movaluate we are always looking for ways to bring new life to old devices that would otherwise go to waste. In the quest for resurrecting unused phones, we developed a new tool that can provide instant appraisals of smartphones and tablets, making it easy to decide whether or not you want to buy or sell a device.

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